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Darkfall Online to Launch Soon

Posted on: March 2, 2009

Darkfall Online to Launch Soon
January 22, 2009 is the big day. That’s the announced launch date for Darkfall, the eagerly awaited Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from Audio Visual Enterprises SA and Aventurine SA. North American players who can’t wait for the North American launch of Darkfall can join in the European launch, which will happen first.
Darkfall is a fantasy role-playing game with an easy-to-learn combat system that plays out in real time. Given the “massive” in massively multi-player, immense battles are possible. Clan warfare and empire building with real live players is also possible. Darkfall merges several types of game play into one comprehensive and vivid gaming universe. There are elements of traditional role-playing gaming, action-oriented gaming, and strategic gaming all rolled into the Darkfall universe.
This game has been designed to be vividly realistic. When you play, you are totally immersed in the challenging, realistic environment and exciting, believable, pulse-pounding combat, like in Combat Arms. Darkfall features full collision detection, which adds immensely to the realism and immersive experience of Darkfall battles. Battle lines are not just for show in this game, they really matter, and a well-aimed spell blast can send opponents flying through the air spectacularly. In developing Darkfall, the developers made it their aim to provide players with a fun, challenging and exciting experience. They set about doing this by creating a seamless, zone-free, non-instanced, “sandbox” game world.
Darkfall represents the next generation in MMORPG games like Atlantica Online. Its’ persistent world is truly a fully fleshed out world. In addition to the usual magic and interactivity, Darkfall features large-scale aspects like clans and societies, complete with their on economies. In a persistent world, the entire gaming environment is always there, even when you’re not, so the action never ends. It keeps evolving after you have logged off, as long as there are players logged in and playing.
The pioneers of the MMORPG genre, games such as Ultima Online, Everquest and Asheron?s Call, inspired Darkfall. It has built on these games and added advanced features and technology that really push the envelope in MMO. It is truly massive, being an international game that supports many languages.
About the Makers
Audio Visual Enterprises SA
Audio-Visual Enterprises SA is on the vanguard of home entertainment companies. They are based in Athens, Greece. Audio Visual is a group of companies, a coalition representing the broad range of entertainment, including video, television, cinema, and amusement parks. They are an official partner of entertainment industry giants like Time-Warner, The Walt Disney Company and Village Films. Darkfall online is the group’s first venture of their newly created Games division.
Aventurine SA
Aventurine SA is an independent game developer. They, too, are based in Athens, Greece. Aventurine turns their passion for gaming and game technologies into polished gaming environments. Their main project is Darkfall Online, a groundbreaking game scheduled to launch January 22, 2009 all over the world. Aventurine began developing the technology platform, the game engine and tools in 2003. Darkfall’s development team consists of 30 veteran developers.

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