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More Sci-fi MMORPGs Please!

Posted on: March 7, 2009

I’m not sure why, but the Sci-fi MMORPGs seems to be one of the most under developed genres. Heck, even consoles only have a handful of Sci-Fi MMORPGs. How come this genre isn’t getting any love? You’d imagine that it would have the most potential, as the universe is huge and getting bigger every day. The only notable free Sci-fi MMORPGs today are RF Online, Zero Online and Megaten and none of them are really ‘wow’ games. Heck, RF Online feels more of a fancy fantasy MMORPG than a Sci-Fi one. The ONLY good sci-fi MMORPG out there is Eve Online, and that’s unfortunately a pay to play game. I’m not sure why publishers keep embracing the fantasy genre, as it’s seriously getting old. I’m simply tired of the fantasy setting, as easily 80% of all free MMORPGs are fantasy themed.

187  500x375 megaten cutscene intro

If you’ve like me and enjoy Sci-Fi television shows like Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica, I’m sure you’re itching for a good sci-fi free MMORPG as well. Just imagine it, large scale space battles, huge customizable ships and an enormous universe to explore.  Yeah I know, this sounds a lot like Eve Online, but even Eve didn’t even have land based gameplay or nearly enough player cooperation as it should have had. Wouldn’t it be something if every ship required a crew of 10 or so actual players to fly? All of the crew members would have to work together just to ward off an enemy attack and bigger ships would require dozens of players to operate. A game like that would be intense, but I doubt it could ever exist, as a game like that would only be fun if it had a massive playerbase.

5004  500x375 rf online zoomed in main sword

There are some Sci-fi themed MMOs and MMORPGs out today, but I’d like to see other publishers embrace the genre. MMOs like Ace Online and Exteel actually do a great job with the genre, but unfortunately there aren’t any real ‘great’ MMORPGs in the genre. I do have some respect for even poor sci-fi themed MMORPGs like Age of Armor just for taking a chance and trying to develop something different. I’d just really like to see a ‘great’ sci-fi themed MMORPG released, as currently the free MMORPG market doesn’t have one.


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