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Free MMORPGs – A Tough Market

Posted on: May 28, 2009

Even though there’s a new free MMORPG coming out every month, it’s an incredibly tough market. There just aren’t enough players to populate all of the MMOs on the market. So what does that mean? Well, some MMORPGs are going to have to shut down. Likely, games like Pi Story, Stone Age 2, Racing Star: Come On Baby and Shadow of Legend won’t last till the end of the year, simply because they don’t have a playerbase. An MMORPG without a playerbase really isn’t an MMO anyway.

Without players, the MMORPG publisher simply cannot make enough money to cover their expenses. I’d certainly like to see all of these games continue to exist, but it’s just not going to happen. With well over 160 client based free to play MMORPGs and countless MMORPG Free Trials and free browser games, the free to play market is just way too saturated at the moment. The way I see it, more and more games are coming out, but more players aren’t playing free to play games. Economically speaking, supply [MMORPG Games] is increasing far faster than [Demand] MMORPG players.

I don’t expect any major MMORPG Publishers like Aeria Games, Gpotato, IGG, or Netgame to go under, as they each have numerous successful titles. Aeria has Twelve Sky and Shaiya, Gpotato has Flyff: Fly For Fun, IGG Has Voyage Century Online and Tales of Pirates and lastly Netgame has Hero Online and Ghost Online. Aside from these hit games, each of these publishers I mentioned have a bunch of other games as well, but unfortunately those other games aren’t very popular. The publishers that will shut down are likely the ones with no successful games.

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