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Top 10 Best 2D MMOs / 2D MMORPGs

Posted on: June 2, 2009

Ever since Maple Story became enormously popular, a lot of new 2D MMORPGs have hit the market. If you’re looking for the top 10 best 2D MMORPGs, you came to the right place. It’s sort of hard to come up with a 100% accurate top 10 2D MMORPG list, but the top 2D MMORPG list below was put together using ‘user rating data’ from across the internet and from right data right here on MMOHut.

Top 2D MMORPGs and MMOs

1. MapleStory


Maplestory is without a doubt, the most popular 2D MMORPG on the market. The game boasts that it has 92 million users worldwide and an enormous amount of content. From my experience with the game, its sheer simplicity and boat load of content make it well worth checking out.

2. GunBound


Gunbound is a classic 2D MMO tactical shooting game. It’s been around since 2005 and since release had enjoyed countless content updates and bug fixes. It plays a lot like the classic PC game worms and can be played both casually and hardcore.

3. Lunia


Lunia is a unique 2D Fantasy MMORPG. The gameplay is a lot more like an arcade style RPG than a traditional MMO, as players have to group together and beat all of the game’s 60 stages. The game’s sheer amount of content and addictive gameplay makes it well worth the download.

4. Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu


Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu is another unique 2D Fantasy MMORPG with a strong emphasis on in game politics and a player controlled economy. Many of the game’s towns are managed by players and the game has regular server wide elections to determine the next Monarch of the game world. On top of that, the game has all of the other standard MMO elements like dungeons, crafting, guilds, etc.

5. LaTale


LaTale is an innovative 2D MMORPG that drew a lot of its inspiration from MapleStory. Gameplay is side-scrolling, but fast paced. Unlike MapleStory though, the game has some interesting PvP options. The game is relatively new, so it doesn’t have that much content yet, but it certainly has enough things to do to keep the player entertained.

6. Trickster Online


Trickster Online is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG with cute and vibrant anime graphics. It has 8 different classes and a large game world to explore. From my experience with the game, it’s easy to get into and worth the download.

7. Wind Slayer


Like MapleStory and LaTale, Wind Slayer is another side scrolling 2D Fantasy MMORPG. The game is published by Outspark and has a large game world and a lot of content. The game’s arena based PvP is both fast paced and rewarding.

8. Grand Chase


Grand Chase is a 2D Side scrolling MMO with some interesting co-op gameplay modes. Like Lunia, players have to advance through the game’s stages in order to progress in the game. With multiple PvP options and numerous levels Grand Chase is well worth checking out.

9. NosTale


NosTale is a 2D anime styled fantasy MMORPG. The game has a lot of unique features including player housing, pets and a unique class system.

10. Osu


Although Osu is arguably not an MMO, the game is still quite interesting. It’s a rhythm based game based off the popular ‘Elite Beat Agents’ for the Nintendo DS. It’s sort of like Dance Dance Revolution, but for the PC and uses the mouse rather than a dance pad or a keyboard.

Well that’s it. Those are the Top 10 best 2D free MMOs and MMORPGs on the market. If you came here looking for a game to play, I hope you found this top 2D games list useful.


Top 10 Best 2D MMOs / 2D MMORPGs

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