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Crafting In MMORPGs – The Second Grind

Posted on: July 10, 2009

So many people complain that leveling in some MMORPG games can take too long, and those that complain do have valid reasons, but one argument that I rarely hear is that grinding ‘crafting skills’ takes too long. In all honesty, I feel that improving crafting skills in most MMO Games is a complete waste of time, as its 100% mindless grind. At least when you ‘grind experience’, you’re actually doing something, killing monsters. Grinding crafting skills on the other hand usually involves watching a little ‘progress’ meter fill up over and over again for countless hours. It’s even worse if you have to ‘farm’ the materials yourself, as killing low level monsters just for their raw resources is incredibly boring.

Not only does mastering a crafting skill take countless hours, it’s also extremely expensive. In games like World of Warcraft and EverQuest, mastering a crafting skill is enormously expensive, as countless ‘materials’ are needed to max out even a single crafting skills. On top of crafting being expensive, it’s almost always useless. I actually grinded up my Mining and Blacksmithy skills in World of Warcraft once, and I found that blacksmithy was an absolute waste of time. 90% of the time, in order to craft a piece of armor or equipment it would cost MORE to buy all the materials and craft it myself than just buying the piece of armor pre-made from another player. Very few games actually make crafting rewarding and the only game that comes to mind in this regard is a Free MMORPG called Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu and that’s only because players can ONLY acquire equipment from other players. Monsters don’t even drop equipment. Honestly, grinding experience points is boring enough, I don’t see why anyone would bother to grind up trade skills as well.

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