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Argh! Web Based MMO Launchers Suck!

Posted on: July 16, 2009

I’m really not sure why a lot of free MMORPG / MMO games utilize web based client launchers, but so many of them do and they’re all incredibly annoying. After I download and install a game, I expect to be able to launch it by double clicking the game’s icon on my desktop, having to go to the game’s official website, logging in, and then click launch game is a bit tedious. You’d imagine ‘newer’ games wouldn’t  employ such a silly and annoying login method, but they do. Battlefield Heroes for example, a relatively new MMOFPS game, requires users to login to their account on the game’s official website before being able to launch the game. A few other game’s that employ similar techniques are Rohan Online, Soldier Front, GunZ, Drift City, Lunia, and Gunbound.

The reason why I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘log in to website, then launch game’ system is that it usually requires some sort of ‘ActiveX’ plugin to be downloaded before a game can be launched through a web browser. As a tech savvy gamer myself, I understand that ActiveX plugins through reputable gaming websites won’t do anything to harm my computer, but I fear that a lot of younger gamers or those that aren’t tech savvy would be too scared to download an ‘ActiveX’ plugin just to launch a game, especially since all of the newer web browsers prompt scary warning messages when a site asks a user to download any sort of plugin. I feel that MMO Games that require users to launch the game through a website deters some people from ever downloading the game, which ultimately hurts that particular game’s playerbase. At least Browser Based MMORPG games don’t have this issue, because they never require ActiveX installs. Game publishers, please don’t require users to launch games through your websites, it’s terribly annoying!

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