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MMORPG Rant – Give us More Unique Games!

Posted on: August 6, 2009

Ever since the free MMORPG / MMO market exploded, the gaming market has been flooded with new titles. There is literally a new MMORPG coming out every month now, but even with all of these new games being released, only a handful are truly unique. For some reason game developers like releasing cookie cutter generic grind fests that most gamers are tired of rather than genuinely different games. Personally, I’m tired of playing generic fantasy games like Last Chaos and Dragon Sky. I’m not saying these games are bad, because they aren’t. In fact a lot of ‘cookie cutter’ fantasy games are quite good, but they feel too much like ‘the same old thing’.

There are only a handful of ‘fantasy MMORPGs’ that I would actually play and they are Runes of Magic, Atlantica Online and Fiesta Online. I personally love these games, but not because they’re unique, but because they’re incredibly polished. Sure Runes of Magic is a knock off of World of Warcraft, but it’s still a fun game.  Now that I’m done playing these games though, I want something unique… something different.

Over the last year or so, there has only been three or four genuinely ‘different’ games to be released. The latest one being GhostX. For those of you that haven’t heard of or played it, I strongly recommend giving the game a download as it’s one of the most unique games of 2009, at least in my opinion. In short, it’s an action rpg with MMO elements. Another genuinely ‘different’ game that I’ve played recently is Battlefield Heroes, which is a 3D third person MMO shooter with Team Fortress 2 like cartoony graphics. Sure the game looks like Team Fortress 2, but it’s different, mainly because of its MMO elements. Battlefield Heroes is the first ‘free to play’ game in the now critically acclaimed ‘Battlefield’ franchise. Unfortunately though, there are very few games these days that feel ‘fresh’. I guess the point of this article is to urge developers to stop making cookie cutter fantasy grindfests and start making games that are different!


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