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Archive for August 27th, 2009

MMORPG developers have gotten way too lazy when it comes to designing quests. Almost every single quest in any MMORPG involves either role playing as a FedEx driver [Take this item and give it to an NPC named John Thunderhoof across town!] or a genocidal maniac [Kill 50 Baby Gnolls, 20 Mother Gnolls and 10 Gnoll Brutes]. Personally, kill quests in MMORPGs are an excellent distraction from mindless grinding, but I feel that quests should add a little more variety to the game. MMORPGs like Runes of Magic, Fiesta Online and WindSlayer are genuinely good games, but they have rather dull quests. To be fair though, 95% of MMORPGs have this same issue, I just used the three games mentioned as examples.

There’s nothing wrong with delivery and kill quests, but there’s no excuse for developers to use only these kinds of quests. Games like MapleStory and Dragonica Online for example, really take questing to the next level because they have a lot of unique quests. MapleStory has a boat load of ‘plat forming’ quests which require players to make it from one end of the screen to the other by dodging obstacles, sort of like a stage in Super Mario. Keep in mind MapleStory has the generic ‘go kill X amount of Y monsters’ and ‘fed ex’ like quests, but the fact that it also has other types of quests makes the game a lot more enjoyable.