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What the Heck is Uforia Doing?

Posted on: November 20, 2009

Uforia is a relatively new free to play MMORPG publisher on the block – one of the newest actually. I really have no clue what they’re thinking though. You’d imagine that a NEW game publisher would try to ‘start off’ on a good foot by launching with some epic new games – but nope. Uforia launched their MMORPG service with a fairly old game called NosTale. NosTale isn’t bad – but the game was already being published in North America by another game company – so it didn’t exactly make sense for Uforia to publish it as well. The second game Uforia launched was Red War : Edem’s Curse – which is an incredibly ugly game that has worse graphics than the original Diablo, which launched somewhere in 1997 I think. Why on Earth would a brand new company start off their MMORPG publishing business with two…. bad games? Maybe Uforia was just pulling our leg though – their next game has to be better.

Three Kingdoms is their newest game that’s open to public – it’s a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in ancient China. Unfortunately, like the game’s setting – Three Kingdoms is yet ANOTHER incredibly ‘old’ game with terrible graphics. The graphics actually resemble the graphics from Legend of Ares – an incredibly old game which was shut down due to a lack of players.  Honestly – how on Earth does Uforia expect to compete with bigger and better game publishers like ijji, Aeria Games and OG Planet? Games like Dungeons and Dragons Online, Shaiya, Last Chaos and Runes of Magic completely blow anything Uforia has out of the water.

You would think that after publishing three terribly old and ugly games – Uforia would get their act together and launch at least ONE ‘modern’ decent looking game – but NOPE. The only game Uforia currently has ‘scheduled’ to release in the next few months is an MMOFPS game called Mercenary Wars – which aims to compete with other shooting games like Wolfteam, Alliance of Valiant Arms and Sudden Attack. The thing is though – unlike the three games I just mentioned – Mercenary Wars both LOOKS terrible and has extremely buggy gameplay. Honestly – I would rather play ANY browser MMORPG than even touching one of Uforia’s games. Why on Earth is Uforia launching these terrible games? I really have no idea.

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