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Posted on: November 24, 2009

Even though there are a boatload of free MMORPG games out there – they do get boring. Personally – I like to take a break from MMORPGs every once in a while and kick back and play some MMOs. I say ‘kick back’ because MMOs tend to require a lot less time commitment to enjoy. Most MMORPGs require an enormous investment of time before they really get good while MMOs can be enjoyed right away. There are an countless different Free MMO games out there from high octane tactical shooting MMOs like Alliance of Valiant Arms and WolfTeam to crazy racing MMOs like Tales Runner and Project Powder. These games tend to have a lot of depth as well – so they’re quite addictive. The fact that you can ‘level up’ and get new clothes / equipment makes these games all the more addictive.

MMORPGs on the other hand have their advantages as well. It’s hard to really ‘get into’ any MMO as it’s difficult for players to really connect with their character – as character development isn’t exactly a core focus of MMOs. When I’m playing an MMORPG I’m always more ‘focused’ because I tend to connect with my avatar and grow with him. There are also many more social elements in an MMORPG – as players need to cooperate quite a lot more in MMORPGs like Runes of Magic and  Shaiya than in any MMO – because the only way to really ‘advance’ in these games is to work together with other people – whether those people are random people or guild mates. Don’t get me wrong – players need to work together in many MMOs as well – but nowhere as much as an MMORPG. Back when I used to play World of Warcraft – my guildies were like family to me. We would talk about all sorts of things completely unrelated to the game at times.

Obviously both MMOs and MMORPGs are enjoyable, just in a different kind of way. MMOs are sort of instant gratification – as they require little time commitment and are pretty straight forward. MMORPGs on the other hand require a bit more attention but are much deeper and more fun in the long run. I guess you can say MMOs are Instant Coffee while MMORPGs are Coffee beans that you have to grow yourself then roast. Whichever you fancy – there are plenty of both. So dig through the free mmorpg list on MMOHut and find something you like!

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