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Gamers prefer classic MMORPGs

Posted on: November 28, 2009

Even though new free MMORPG games are released practically every week – the most popular free to play games are still the same games that were popular 2-3 years ago. The reason for this is clear – MMORPG gamers seem to prefer classic games like Silkroad Online and MapleStory over ‘newer’ MMOs like Cloud Nine, Bright Shadow and Battle of Destiny. This is likely due to a combination of two things. Firstly, these older games are more established – as in they already have a large community and since they’ve been around for a long while they also tend to have more content. Secondly, older titles tend to be more compatible with older PCs. Newer more ‘visually appealing’ games like Atlantica Online and Gates of Andaron demand more powerful graphics cards. Now – that doesn’t make these game’s bad, but simply inaccessible to folks with weaker PCs.

Another reason why Gamers prefer classic MMORPGs is that a lot of newer free to play games just feel… cheap. Games like Luna Online and GhostX for example are ‘alright’ games, but have terribly poor English translations which really take away from the overall gaming experience. Not all ‘newer’ free to play games suffer from this though – Dungeons and Dragons Online, which used to be pay to play at one time, has excellent graphics, gameplay, music and pretty much everything else. The only issue with it is that it is a fairly demanding game. Believe it or not though, system requirements do hold a lot of people back – as many gamers out there still run really old computers. The most common monitor resolution TODAY is 1024×768! That’s insane! My resolution is 1920×1080! I couldn’t imagine going back to something like 1024×768.

Still though, system requirements set aside, it seems like gamers still prefer to play the classics over new games. Silkroad Online for example, still has like 30+ servers and it’s nearly impossible to log in to the game on the first try due to too many players. MapleStory has over 120 million registered users worldwide as well. So I guess the folks behind these classical MMORPGs are doing something right or the guys launching these newer games are doing something wrong. It’s one or the other.

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