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Some new MMORPG Ideas

Posted on: November 29, 2009

Personally, I’m a bit tired of the endlessly recycled MMORPG ideas which have been floating around for years now. Fantasy MMORPGs like Atlantica Online, Perfect World and Ether Saga Online are all good games, but we need some ‘fresh’ ideas to keep things interesting. One idea which I feel should be considered is a platforming MMO.  It could be ‘room’ based like all the shooting MMOs out there and would feature many different maps where the ultimate goal would be to get to the end of the stage while avoiding obstacles and enemies. It could have multiple game modes – one being a Mario style level based game with cooperative gameplay or even a ‘racing’ game where the first one to finish the map first wins. This obviously isn’t a completely unique idea – but it would be original in the realm of MMOs.

A ‘massive’ space themed MMORPG like Eve Online, except free to play would also be a fairly original idea in the free to play scene. There are currently no games like Eve Online that are free to play. There are a few decent Scifi MMORPGs, but nothing nearly as immersive as Eve. I do believe there is one game currently in development, called Jumpgate Evolution, but it’s expected to be pay to play. It’s crazy how many fantasy themed free to play MMORPGs there are out there but not a single game like Eve Online. The only game even remotely like Eve Online that’s free to play is a browser game called Dark Orbit, but it’s fairly boring IMHO.

A ‘swimming’ themed sport MMO would be another interesting idea. I mean, there’s an MMO for nearly every single sport from golfing (Pangya) to basketball (FreeStyle: Street Basketball) to hockey (Slapshot) so it makes sense to make a swimming MMO or even a boxing MMO. Heck, there’s even a soccer, baseball and a tennis MMO out there – so it’s kind of lame that no game developer stepped up to make a swimming themed game or even a volleyball MMO. If there’s a market for a basketball or golfing MMO there has to be a market for other sports MMOs as well.

Lastly, I’d like to see a modern themed MMORPG rather than Scifi or fantasy. It seems like the only ‘modern themed’ games are MMOs these days (Like Crimcraft and Alliance of Valiant Arms), but I could see an MMORPG do well with a modern theme. I can’t see any Asian game developers trying to make a modern themed MMO though – as it seems like all Korean and Japanese game developers these days are only churning out ‘anime’ inspired games. So for a modern themed MMORPG to really work a prominent Western developer would have to take a crack at it.

I guess the point of this post is to try and urge game developers to try new ideas. Fantasy MMORPGs are fun and all but they do get a tad repetitive.

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