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After playing Allods Online for a week now, I’ve concluded that it’s absolutely ridiculous to pay $14.99 a month just to play World of Warcraft. I mean, WoW is a solid game, but with so many alternatives out there at zero cost, it makes no sense to pay for WoW. Both Runes of Magic and Allods Online are equal to WoW both in terms of graphics and gameplay. In fact, the free to play universe offers an incredible amount of variety. Those looking for something similar to console RPGs can enjoy games like Atlantica Online and Zodiac online while gamers who prefer something a bit ‘cuter’ can enjoy Cloud Nine or Bright Shadow. The fact is that there are so many awesome free to play alternatives to Blizzard’s game.

Aside from variety, what amazes me most about the f2p genre is the quality. Sure there are a boatloads of low quality games out there – think Martial Heroes / Corum Online / Crazy Tao. There are a dozen or so games though that really stand out. Games that I would be more than willing to pay to play, but I don’t have to. Allods is certainly one of those games. As a gamer, I love the direction that MMOs are going. Gamers are getting better games at a lower cost. Sometimes zero cost. One day, even MMORPG juggernauts like Eve Online and World of Warcraft will go free to play. It’s inevitable.

I’m currently playing Allods Online, and I recommend the game to anyone looking for a new free to play MMORPG to try. It plays a lot like WoW, but has even better graphics and more variety in terms of gameplay. The environments are also gorgeous, as they feel immersive. I’m playing on the Tenese server, or however it’s spelled. The experience rate is incredibly slow, but that’s not a huge deal, because the level cap is only 40.