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Evony Alternatives

Posted on: March 27, 2010

By now, I’m sure many of you have played Evony – the free to play browser based MMO that’s been advertising all over the net. You know, that strategy MMORPG advertised with the ridiculous advertisements featuring scantily clad women (Which has NOTHING to do with the game). The game itself isn’t bad, but after a week or so of playing it, I got a bit tired as the game was super repetitive and the only real way to get more powerful is the spend money. That’s right, in order to compete with others you need to start forking over lots of money, which was something I wasn’t prepared to do. So after scouring the net for a while, I found some other fun browser based games well worth checking out. They are….

Empire Craft

This one is A LOT like Evony. The only real difference is the visuals are a little bit less impressive but the game itself is very similar. I actually found Empire Craft to be a tad more exciting, but if you didn’t like Evony you really won’t like Empire craft either.

The Seventh Dragon

Like Evony, The Seventh Dragon is another browser based strategy MMO. The only real difference here is that the interface is sleeker and the game has a strong emphasis on ‘heroes’. Players can train heroes and equip them individually, which gives the game a fun feel to it.

Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit is an action MMORPG on the browser. The graphics aren’t at all good, but its moderately paced and PvP heavy, which makes it unique. It’s published by Bigpoint, who also publish Deepolis, Seafight and War of the Titans + many other games.

War of Legends

This one made it to the list because it’s published by Jagex – a very well known company on the net (They’re the guys who made RuneScape). Unfortunately though, War of Legends is a bit of a disappointment compared to some of the other games on the list. I’m sure Jagex will improve it though.


This one is sort of neat because it’s set an Ancient Greece rather than a generic medieval theme found in games like Evony and Empire Craft. Plus the game has some cool mythological units.

Hope ya all enjoyed this list of  strategy MMORPGs and I’ll post more if I find some good new evony alternatives. if you guys know any more, post em in the comments!

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