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Free to Play MMORPG Face Off

Posted on: April 2, 2010

With so many free to play MMOs and MMORPGs to chose from, its not always easy sifting through and finding one to play. Rather than look at the hundreds of free online games available, I’ll take this opportunity to compare two of the better ones face to face.

First up is Fiesta, also known as Fiesta Online. It’s a three dimensional, anime inspired fantasy MMORPG with a cell shaded graphics. It enjoys a large playerbase and receives continuous content updates. A company called Outspark publishes the game in North America and does a great job hosting events and supporting it. What makes Fiesta an enduring MMORPG experience is its simplicity. Players start by choosing from one of four classes; Fighter, Cleric, Archer, or Mage. Combat is simple, and the bright colors give the game a cheerful mood. Fiesta is perfect for casual gamers, those new to gaming, and younger gamers. But that doesn’t mean veterans can’t have fun. There’s no better way to get your non gaming friends into MMORPGs than starting a new character in Fiesta Online with them. Novelty features like the wedding system make the game appealing to female gamers as well.

The downside is that the simple gameplay eventually leads to stagnation. Players only receive one stat point per level, and there are no sub class choices to make as characters level. There is a class advancement at levels 20 and 60, but there’s only one choice so character customization is very limited.

So what about Runes of Magic? Well if Fiesta is the casual, first-timer’s MMORPG than RoM is the game of choice for more experienced gamers. Runes of Magic was designed to resemble Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, and like WoW it offers a huge game world, dozens of instanced dungeons, and features galore. Developed by a Taiwanese studio and published in the West by Frogster, Runes of Magic comes with a whole host of its own unique features as well. The ability to duel-class makes for over a dozen class combinations, and instanced private housing allows players to have a place of their own. Increase crafting and resource gathering skills to fashion powerful items, and complete daily quests to earn special coins that can be used in the cash shop. Runes of Magic has seven base classes and two unique races (humans and elves.) What this means for you is a game with enough content to play for months straight.

Players already familiar with World of Warcraft may feel a sense of deja vu, gamers who weren’t fans of WoW’s graphic style won’t have much of a taste for RoM’s either. Another downside is the host of other free to play WoW clones competing with Runes of Magic. There’s Gates of Andaron and the more steampunk oriented Allods Online.

While Runes of Magic and Fiesta are both great free to play MMORPGs, they offer gamers different options. Both were developed by Asian studios, but Fiesta feels more ‘Asian’ in gameplay style. The heavily quest driven Runes of Magic is much more similar to Western MMORPGs. If you still can’t make up your mind, read a full review of each at MMOHut. There you will find screenshots, and videos for both games.

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