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MMORPGs Need Better Music

Posted on: April 5, 2010

What do you guys think? I’ve been playing single player RPGs for a long time and have grown accustomed to having great music in the background. The background music in most free to play MMORPGs are pretty bad. Maybe I’m just a bit spoiled after playing games from the Final Fantasy Series (Loved the music in Final Fantasy X, IX, and XIII) and the Tales series, but music in MMORPGs definitely have room for improvement. I can safely say the music in 9/10 MMORPGs are uninspiring and cheap.

Don’t get me wrong though – not all MMORPG music is bad. The music in MMORPGs like Sword of the New World and more recently Aika are downright amazing. Ragnarok Online, one of oldest and most popular MMORPGs, also has some top notch music. I actually own the Original Sound Track for Ragnarok Online, and it’s the only soundtrack I own for an MMORPG (Do other MMORPGs even have soundtracks?). Games like Allods Online, Fiesta Online and Gates of Andaron are quite fun, but they have some lame music. What surprises me most is that Allods Online is a pretty big budget game. I read somewhere that it costs some 30 million USD to develop, so you’d imagine they’d have all their bases covered when it comes to quality, but apparently they cut some corners in the music department.

MMOs also tend to have low quality music. Most MMOFPS games these days, even the newer ones like Alliance of Valiant Arms and K.O.S. Secret Operations have generic boring music. The only MMO i’ve played that had genuinely good music that ‘fit’ the theme of the game is Project Powder. Project Powder is an intense snowboarding MMO by Outspark. What made the tunes in the game so good was that it actually fit the game.

Am I the only one who really cares about music in games? I feel that music is one of the most important aspects of an MMORPG – as if I’m spending 5+ hours a day ‘grinding’ in a game, I might as well be listening to some catchy tunes to help pass the time.

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