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Browser MMORPGs Going Mainstream

Posted on: April 7, 2010

It seems like free to play browser based MMORPGs are going mainstream. Just last week Electronic Arts released their very own strategy MMORPG – Lord of Ultima. The game is based in the same ‘Ultima’ universe as the previous Ultima games. The only real difference here is that Lord of Ultima is strategy game that aims to compete with Evony and Empire Craft. The studio behind Lord of Ultima, Phenomic, is also responsible for numerous other free to play games that Electronic Arts publishes. So Lord of Ultima is published by the same dudes behind Battleforge and Battlefield Heroes. We all know that most of these browser based games are published by various Chinese companies, so seeing a big Western developer like EA release their own game in the space is quite interesting.

Jagex, the guys behind RuneScape, released their very own browser based strategy MMORPG as well a few months ago – War of Legends. So it’s obvious that browser based games are getting more and more popular. What i’d like to see though is some variety. Personally, I’m getting a bit sick of playing the same old browser based strategy game. After you’ve played one, you’ve played em all. Nearly every single browser based strategy game is identical. I’m glad though that more Western developers are entering the MMORPG space, as Western companies are known for innovation.

What I’d like to see someday is for epic client based games like Dragon Oath, Runes of Magic and Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Fiesta Online to one day run smoothly on a browser. That would be awesome. Having to download games are quite annoying, especially for those on slower internet connections and older PCs.

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