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Browser MMORPGs Will Get Better

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Browser based MMORPGs are going to get better and better. Right now, the only real drawback to playing a browser game is the poor graphics. Personally, I like playing strategy MMORPGs like Kingory and Empire Craft, but at times I do want a bit more from my games. I’m tired of downloading MMORPGs, because my hard drive is starting to get full. Games like The Chronicles of Spell Born, Runes of Magic and Allods Online are all 4+ GB big. If I install just one MMORPG a day, I’ll my 120GB hard drive will fill up in less than a month.

The good thing about browser MMOs is that they don’t take up any space. They aren’t all ‘dull’ either, as games like RuneScape aren’t text based. Plus, games like Quake Live and Earth Eternal have great graphics, and they run entirely on a web browser. I suspect in the coming years, more and more MMORPGs will run on the browser. Browsers games will get more and more sophisticated. Even demanding games like Chrysis will run fluidly on web browsers, because all the CPU and graphics processing occur in some computer farm in a remote location. All of the visuals will be streamed through the net onto a users web browser.

2D MMORPGs will likely be the first to run on browsers and then 3D MMORPGs. Flash based MMORPGs are also starting to appear. I had the chance to play Pet Forest the other day, and the game is remarkable. It actually looks a lot nicer than both Myth War 2 Online and Fairy Land Online, which are downloadable games. Browser games are definitely the future.

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