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MMORPG File Sizes Are Getting Bigger!

Posted on: April 19, 2010

As free to play MMORPGs and MMO games get better and better, their file sizes also seem to get bigger. I remember just 3-4 years ago when the only popular MMORPGs were Ragnarok Online, GunZ and MapleStory most games were under 1 GB. Today, most games are well over 1 GB. It seems like even the newer ‘cartoony’ games are huge as well. WonderKing and Fantasy Earth Zero which both have pretty lame graphics are well over 1GB. This isn’t exactly a big deal for most people, but some folks have small hard drives, so every megabyte counts.

The 1GB games aren’t really a big deal though. The problem is that some games are over 4GB! That’s HUGE! A lot of the ‘great’ games tend to be big as well. Newer epic 3D MMORPGs like Runes of Magic and Karos Online are big games. They have gorgeous realistic graphics, so it’s fine that they’re big. I just wish game developers utilized a sort of ‘download as you go’ system, so those with slower internet connections don’t have to wait days to download one game. The problem with today’s system is that most people will never reach the super end game for most MMORPGs, so there’s no point in ‘downloading’ all of that content. Instead, players should download content as they progress in a game.

This would work remarkably well in linear games like Lunia and Dungeon Fighter Online. As players complete stages, they can download the next stage as they play. This would allow new players to enter the game right away, without ever having to download an enormous file. This could DEFINITELY work. I know a few games that do this, but not nearly enough. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Wizard101. The game downloads new areas as you progress.

What do you guys think? Wouldn’t this just be… better?

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