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Nintendo Should Make an MMORPG

Posted on: April 21, 2010

How awesome would it be if Nintendo released an MMORPG? They have so many well known game franchises to work with, so they could definitely release something awesome. Just imagine how cool a Pokemon MMORPG would be or even a casual Mario Party MMO. It seems like there are hundreds of Korean MMORPGs and Chinese MMORPGs on the market but not that many Japanese ones. I know Square Enix has Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy 14 (In development), but both of those are pay to play. Final Fantasy 11 does have a free trial though.

Come to think of it, very few mainstream video game publishers have their own free MMORPG. Electronic Arts, the second biggest game publisher in North America, only has two free to play MMOs – Battleforge and Battlefield Heroes. Sony only has ONE – Free Realms. Activision Blizzard only has one game, and it’s pay to play. There are 200+ free to play MMOs available to gamers in North America, but very few of them are published by traditional game publishers. Outspark – the guys behind Fiesta Online, Erebus and Secret of the Solstice, are starting to get bigger, but they’re nowhere near mainstream. Nexon has proven with the success of MapleStory and Mabinogi that free to play ‘works’, so why are western developers and publishers ignoring this space all together?

Guys seriously. Nintendo should make an MMORPG. I know for a fact Nintendo would make a killing off of a Pokemon MMORPG. A company called WeMade released Digimon Battle in the United States a few months ago, and the game is fairly popular. The game is like 8+ years old, but people play the game because they like the Digimon franchise. Pokemon is 1000x bigger than Digimon, so the game would definitely be instant hit. Heck, the Pokemon MMORPG could even be a browser game, and it would still be awesome. Nintendo could even make an MMOFPS with their Metroid franchise.

What do you guys think? How amazing would it be if Nintendo made their own MMORPG?

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