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Browser MMOs Are Accessible

Posted on: May 4, 2010

Sometimes when I’m trying to kill time I like to play a few browser MMORPGs. I like browser based MMOs because not only are they fun, but they’re easily accessible. Whether I’m on the road, at home, at a friend’s house or at school I could easily sit down and play a browser MMO. Games like Travian, Heroes of Gaia and Heroes of Kung Fu can easily be enjoyed in small doses. By small doses, I mean 5 minutes at a time. Client based 3D MMORPGs on the other hand require a much larger time commitment. Don’t get me wrong, I love client based games, but browser MMOs are much more accessible, as they don’t need to be downloaded. Another thing noteworthy is that client based games usually have to be played hours at a time while browser MMOs can be played in small doses. In fact, most browser games, especially strategy MMORPGs are designed to be played for only 10-20 minutes a day.

Games like The Seventh Dragon, Tribal Wars and War of Legends are designed for limited play each day. Whether you sink 10 hours a day into these games or 30 minutes a day, it makes no real difference. There’s only so much to do each day. This is definitely an interesting  break from client based MMOs, as in games like Jade Dynasty and World of Kung Fu, things comes down to whoever sinks more time into the game. In order to ‘keep up’ with other players, you need to spend start committing hours and hours of time into these games. As a gamer, I don’t mind doing this, but when I get busy in real life with things like work and school, I can always kick back and take a break from client based games and play browser MMOs.

One last thing on the topic of accessibility. Browser based MMOs tend to have minimal system requirements. Pretty much ANY PC can run practically every browser game, except for maybe the few 3D ones like Quake Live and Earth Eternal. Newer 3D MMORPGs tend to demand more powerful computers with dedicated graphics cards.

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