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Posted on: May 8, 2010

This is a bit late, but I feel like voicing my protest against that one random guy who said video games were not art and never could be art. I don’t even know who this guy is, but I’ve read discussions across numerous gaming websites, but I felt I should throw my own 2 cents into the mix. Art is such a subjective term though. If the art community can label arrangements of tin cans and splashes of random paint on an easel, I can’t imagine while epic story driven games like Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy. Obviously you can say I’m not cultured, but come on. Anyone who says video games aren’t art clearly hasn’t played anything past Bejeweled or Tetris.

There are a boat load of MMORPGs today which are also starting to get better and better in terms of quality. One game in particular, Sword of the New World has some of the best music in any MMORPG. World of Warcraft and Eve Online also have very deep music. Final Fantasy games are very artistic, except for maybe Final Fantasy 11. I can’t say generic fantasy MMORPGs like Tales of Fantasy from IGG and Asda Story from GamesCampus are art, but they’re still fun.

Yeah I know this is a short article, but I had to voice my discontent. I had to mention a few MMOs as well, as they’re my main hobby at the moment. But on an unrelated note, MMORPG Graphics are getting better and better. I played RayCity and Battle of the Immortals the other day and they’re both breath taking in terms of both visuals and audio. Seriously though, that one shmuck who said games aren’t art is clueless. If movies can be considered art there’s no reason games shouldn’t.

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