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MMORPG Questing Needs to Get Better

Posted on: May 12, 2010

Questing in MMORPG Games both pay to play and free to play need a lot of work. I think quests in MMORPGs should be a lot more than just ‘Go kill X enemies and come back to me for a reward’. Questing should be more immervise. Players should feel that completing a quest actually does something, but that unfortunately isn’t the case. Even epic pay to play MMORPGs like Warhammer Online and Lineage 2 fail to create this sense of immersion. Free to play games are the same way. From Age of Armor to Xiah Rebirth, questing usually involves killing a series of enemies without any real sense of purpose.

This isn’t always a big deal and a lot of games actually handle questing really well. MapleStory for example has a lot of fun silly quests that involve platforming. Platforming quests in MapleStory usually involve jumping from one rope to another or from one platform to another without falling off. It may sound easy, but it can be ridiculously difficult. MapleStory doesn’t try to create an atmosphere of epic seriousness, so these types of quests fit perfectly fine in the game world. On a side note, MapleStory is one of the longest running free MMORPGs out there, so respect it!

Another interesting observation I’ve made is that questing in MMO games (non RPGs) is practically non existent. Think about it. Have you ever completed a quest in an MMOFPS or MMO Dancing game? Think about it. MMO Shooters like S4 League, Mercenary Wars and Soldier Front don’t have any questing what-so-ever. Other MMOs like Project Torque and Project Powder are the same exact way. I think MMORPG publishers and developers really need to think a bit harder about questing and create something that’s a bit more enjoyable and unique.

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