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There are a lot of Dancing MMOs

Posted on: May 15, 2010

Anyone wondering why there are so many free to play dancing MMOs out there? You know, games like Dance Online and Audition Online. It seems like there are a decent amount of these games. I think its a bit silly because all of these games play essentially the same. Seriously, if you’ve played Dance Online you might as well have played audition. They’re basically the same game with a different interface. Both titles borrow heavily from the enormously popular Dance-Dance-Revolution game as well as Stepmania for the PC.

One of the only interesting dancing games in my opinion is 5Street from Snail Games. Snail Games also publishes Age of Armor and Heroes of Gaia and that’s it. It’s funny though both of those other games aren’t really that unique but 5Street is. Basically 5Street offers the same exact dancing gameplay that Audition and Dance Online do, except with a great social experience built it. 5Street is also a virtual world, so players can walk around, explore, talk and socialize. In fact, the game promotes this by offering so many different emoticons, player housing and much more. I’m not saying 5Street is a great game either, as the game has some terrible translations, but in my opinion its the best dancing MMO.

Aside from these games there are a few other rhythm based games. Osu! Is the only other I can think of. It’s fun and free to play which makes it win in my book. I don’t think there are any other social MMORPGs with dancing other than 5Street though, which is a shame as the social components in 5Street are pretty fun. I guess it’s no surprise that all of these games are extremely similar, as free to play developers love copying each other. After all, look how many WoW clones there are out there. Free to play ones like Runes of Magic and Allods Online are actually pretty popular as well. So if copying works, why bother trying to make anything new?

If I missed any Dancing MMOs, do let me know if the comments below, but I think I got them all.

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