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Obscure MMOs Worth Playing

Posted on: May 18, 2010

There are so many MMOs out there, it’s hard to pick one to play. I’m a big fan of MMOFPS games, but I also like to try other things as well, so I decided to throw up a short list of free to play non-MMOFPS games that are worth checking out. This list will largely focus on obscure MMOs that most people have never heard of or played. It’s amazing how many awesome games are that aren’t MMOFPSs and many people don’t play.

Anyway. The first game on my list is Lost Saga by OGPlanet. The game to me feels like a successor the popular Rumble Fighter, as the game just offers so much more than Rumble Fighter. It has 20+ playable characters, enormous variety and simple yet fun gameplay. Plus players can mix and match equipment from all characters to create a truly unique fighter. The game is definitely under rated and deserves a much higher playerbase. As is, it’s definitely my favorite free to play MMO fighting game, with Mini Fighter Online a distant second.

Next up is Ace Online from SubaGames. Ace Online online is a fast paced MMO where players control futuristic fighter jets called ‘Gears’. Think of it as Star Fox, but an MMO. Sounds awesome, right? It is. I’ve been a fan of Star Fox, so I fell in love with Ace Online right away. The game has some awesome faction vs faction battles with have hundreds of players fighting it out at once while look absolutely incredible. If you’re a fan of Star Fox games, Ace Online is well worth checking out.

Two other games I wanted to mention are Carom3D and Valkyrie Sky. Carom3D is a billiards MMO and Valkyrie Sky is a horizontal shooter with MMO elements. I’ve never played billiards in real life, but I’m a big fan of Carom3D, as it’s an unusually fun game. It’s simple to learn, but extremely competitive. Valkyrie Sky is fun because it feels like a classical arcade game, but with cooperative gameplay. It’s also pretty difficult, so just completing a stage late in the game feels very rewarding.

Before I wrap up, I want to mention two more awesome MMOs which deserve more attention. The first is FreeStyle Street basketball by GameKiss and the second is League of Legends from Riot Games. FreeStyle: Street Basketball is enormously popular in Korea, but the game has such a low playerbase in North America. It deserves so much more. I personally don’t even follow basketball or care much for it, but FreeStyle is so simple and fun. It’s without a doubt my favorite sports MMO. Seriously, do yourself a favor and try it. League of Legends on the other hand, is a bit more popular, but it still deserves to be more popular. It’s an incredible free to play ‘DotA’ like game with 50+ unique heroes and silk smooth gameplay. It’s easily one of my favorite MMOs of all times.

Anyway guys, that’s it for my short list of awesome MMOs worth checking out. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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