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Upcoming MMORPGs That Look Good

Posted on: May 21, 2010

There are a few upcoming MMORPGs that look good. I’m not talking about games like Maestia and Vindictus that are still upwards of a year away from release. I’m talking about free MMORPGs that are currently in closed beta and should release within the next few months. One of these games is Camon Hero from Uforia. The game mixes fantasy MMORPG and trading card game elements to create a unique strategy experience. Plus, the game’s brightly colored anime inspired graphics look great. Another neat little aspect of the game is that its supposed to be an action MMORPG like GhostX – meaning it’s not another boring point and click game.

Maestia Screenshot

Two other upcoming MMORPGs that look good are Blade Wars and Kingdom Heroes. Both are pretty generic in terms of setting, as they’re both fantasy MMORPGs. Blade Wars is 2D though while Kingdom Heroes is 3D. Blade Wars actually looks a lot like Dragon Oath, but that isn’t surprising, as both games are published by the same developer – ChangYou. Kingdom Heroes on the other hands looks awesome because of its heavy emphasis on PvP. I like to think of Kingdom Heroes as a competitor to Aika Online. I generally enjoy PvP MMORPGs, so Kingdom Heroes is a game I plan to check out as soon as it releases into open beta.

I’m also looking forward to Need for Speed World from Electronic Arts. I can’t say I’ve been a big fan of Electronic Arts regarding their console games, but they’ve been doing a splendid job releasing high quality free to play MMOs. Their first free to play title was Battlefield Heroes which was top notch. Then they released Battleforge and Lord of Ultima – both great games. I’d love to see more free to play titles from EA. They’ve already proven to me that they can make great games.

Battlefield Heroes Screenshot

Are there any other really interesting new MMORPGs on the horizon that are close to being released that I missed? If so, let me know in the comments.

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