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We need more Sports MMOs

Posted on: May 26, 2010

Come to think of it, with all the fantasy MMORPGs, MMOFPS and Strategy MMORPGs on the market, there really aren’t that many sports MMOs. I mean, there are some with the popular ones being FreeStyle Street Basketball and MLB Dugout Heroes. Plus there are a bunch of random fighting MMOs which can be classified as sports – games like Lost Saga and Rumble Fighter for example. My problem with the genre is that there aren’t enough unique sports MMOs. I mean, as of this writing there aren’t any swimming MMOs, American Football MMOs or Hockey MMOs (though Hockey Dash is in development from OG Planet). In fact there are countless sports out there that have no MMOs!

It sucks that there are TWO golf MMOs, Shot Online and Pangya (Which is from Ntreev), but not a single client based American Football MMO. American Football is MUCH bigger than Golf – so why on earth are there two golfing MMOs and no football ones? No idea. Heck these golfing games have been around for years now. MLB Dugout Heroes, the baseball themed MMO by GamesCampus released late 2009. I can’t believe it took so long for a baseball themed game to release. Baseball is only one of the most popular sports in the world. I’m not sure which is more popular though – Baseball of Football. I just know they’re both big industries.

Know what sport would make an awesome MMO? Wrestling! Even boxing would be interesting. The current fighting games aren’t at all realistic, so I’m discounting them. None of them even focus on boxing / wrestling anyway. I think a boxing MMO could do really well though. Provided it was well developed. Another interesting sports MMO would be a track and field game. I know gPotato has Tales Runner, but that’s more of a racing MMO than anything else. A track and field game would have multiple ‘events’ in it aside from just track racing.

Anyone else interested in new sports MMOs or is it just me?

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