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Lag in MMORPGs

Posted on: May 28, 2010

Even with my 25 MB/s Verizon Fios internet connection, I’ve found that I lag in a select few MMORPGs and MMO Games. After some investigating, I’ve learned that I only experience lag when I play games that are hosted outside of the United States. Games like S4 League and Land of Chaos Online from Alaplaya for example are hosted in Europe. These games are AVAILABLE in the United States and in other parts of the world, but the game servers themselves are hosted in Europe. This means that players outside of Europe will experience some lag. Not all games hosted in Europe or outside of North America lag for me though. Games like Priston Tale 2 and Emil Chronicle Online for example are both hosted outside of North America, but I don’t have any lag with them. Priston Tale 2 is by GamerKraft in Europe and Emil Chronicle Online is hosted in Singapore by Gravity (Yes, they’re the same company who develops Ragnarok Online).

So Why do some games lag and others don’t? Well i’ve concluded that I never lag in games hosted within North America. So I’ve concluded that games hosted outside of the U.S. And have bad servers are most likely to lag. I actually don’t mind lag too much in MMORPGs, but lag in MMOFPS games like S4 League and Soldier Front are the worst. Lagging in an FPS is a really quick way to get yourself killed. I was playing Battle of Destiny the other day from Cubizone and I really didn’t mind the game’s slight lag. I mean, I noticed it, as the game is hosted in Malaysia, but lag doesn’t really adversely effect the game too much if its barely noticeable and it happens in a non-pvp heavy MMORPG. I remember I used to play Perfect World on the Cubizone servers before the international version came out as I hated the lag. Luckily the international version is hosted by the developer – Perfect World Entertainment, meaning new updates are implemented right away.

Anyway guys. If you see yourself lagging in a game, check to see where the servers are located before you start getting angry at your computer or your ISP!

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