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Good Action MMORPG Games

Posted on: June 1, 2010

I have to admit. I’m a fan of action MMORPGs. Games like GhostX, Dungeons and Dragons Online and Dragonica Online have some of the best combat of any MMORPG. I’m not saying they’re the best games, I’m just saying that they have genuinely fun combat. I guess I’ve grown a liking for these types of games after playing boring point and click games for years. Well, the games themselves aren’t boring, just the combat is. I remember when I used to play Ragnarok Online or Requiem from Gravity, I would just click on an enemy and wait till they died. That’s it. That’s how combat worked. Heck, this is how combat works in MOST MMORPG games. Point and click combat is the “norm”. Luckily, newer games like Battle of the Immortals from Perfect World Entertainment and Mytheon from TrueGames are trying to change things. Both of these games have stellar “hands on” combat which actually requires play input. No more clicking and waiting. I have to say I’m very impressed with both of these titles.

Mytheon Screenshot

Action MMORPGs are really starting to evolve too. They used to be super “niche”, as in there were only a handful of them in the entire MMO market, but things are changing now. There are a bunch of awesome upcoming action MMORPGs. Divine Souls from Outspark for example looks really awesome. The game has gorgeous 3D graphics and fast paced combat (based on the trailers). The only downside to it is the game only has four classes, and they’re all gender locked. Hopefully Divine Souls will be more fun than Erebus: Travia Reborn. I had a chance to play Erebus during its closed beta, and I wasn’t a fan a tall. Another cool upcoming action MMO is Vindictus from Nexon. This is probably one of the most hyped free to play MMOs EVER, but based on the trailers the game looks quite epic. The game is still in open beta in Korea and is expected to launch in the U.S. Sometime in late 2010. It’s interesting seeing Nexon release Vidinctus, as the game is incredibly violent and Nexon is known for more “kiddy” games like MapleStory and Mabinogi.

Vindictus Screenshot

There are a bunch of other cool action MMORPGs coming out that I didn’t mention too. From the looks of it, 2010 will be awesome year for the genre. Hopefully “action” MMORPGs become the “norm”, as I’m getting quite tired of point and click games.

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