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Top 5 Best Free MMO Games

Posted on: June 23, 2010

With 100+ free MMO games available, it can be hard to find the best ones. Since I’ve been playing free MMOs for the last few years, I decided to write up my own top 5 free MMOs list. This list will not include any MMORPGs, but rather strictly MMOs. Browser games will also be excluded from this list. The difference between MMOs and MMORPGs is that MMOs are not strictly RPGs, but rather sports, shooters and strategy games with RPG elements. Anyway, the 5 games below are must-plays for everyone. Check them all out!

#1 League of Legends

league-of-legends-team-battle As a big fan of DotA and Heroes of Newerth I loved League of Legends. The game is by Riot Games and features unique anime style art. The game is distinctly different than DotA in terms of both graphics and gameplay. Sure both games are “Aeon of Strife” games, but League of Legends has an original cast of heroes, while Heroes of Newerth copied many characters from DotA. The only other game in the genre which is Heroes of Avalon from Alaplaya, but I strongly recommend League of Legends of it, as it’s the best MMO strategy / Aeon of Strife game out there.

#2 Lost Saga

lost-saga-aoe-fireballs OGPlanet really surprised me with Lost Saga, as I was never a fan of Rumble Fighter, LaTale or even Cabal Online (OGPlanet doesn’t even publish this anymore). Lost Saga is an incredibly fun cartoony fighting MMO that plays like Rumble Fighter, except with much more customization and playable characters. What’s really fun about the game is that it has many games modes and numerous different ways to play each mode. Players can really customize their character anyway that they like, as each of the game’s many characters level up independently from each other. If you like fighting MMOs, this one is a must play.

#3 Grand Chase

grand-chase-slash.jpg Grand Chase from Ntreev isn’t exactly too impressive in terms of graphics, but its a fun cooperative MMO. It’s actually one of the only cooperative MMOs out there! I don’t know why, as co-op games are always fun. Like Ntreev’s other games, Pangya and Trickster Online, Grand Chase is an anime MMORPG. Not one of those Cute MMORPGs like Luna Online, but still an anime themed game. The game is probably most like Lunia than anything else, as the game is very linear. I really liked Grand Chase because I liked Lunia. So if you’re into cooperative stage based MMOs, Grand Chase is worth trying!

#4 Tales Runner

tales-runner-jumping-water.jpg I’ve never been a big fan of racing MMOs, but for some reason I really like Tales Runner from gPotato! Aside from Tales Runner the only other good game from gPotato is Aika Online and Fly For Fun in my opinion. Tales Runner is fun because its an original racing game. Every other racing MMO features cars, but Tales Runner doesn’t! Instead, it’s a track racing MMO, meaning players race on foot. The level designs are also really cool and challenging. If you’re even remotely interested in racing games, do check out Tales Runner.

#5 Exteel


Exteel is a sweet mech themed sci-fi MMO from NCsoft that plays like games from the Armored Core series. You get to build and customize your own mech and battle against other players online in fast paced combat. Think of Exteel as S4 League or GunZ, but with giant robots instead! Awesome right? Exteel’s strongest point is definitely its super in depth customization. The game has like hundreds of different pats that players can mix and match. Check this game out asap if you never played it.

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