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Legendary Heroes – Yet another Dota MMORPG?

Posted on: July 7, 2010

Aeria Games recently announced Legendary Heroes, a DotA inspired Fantasy MMORPG. Sounds interesting right? After playing and enjoying both League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, I’m actually looking forward to Legendary Heroes. There’s one thing that concerns me though. These games set the Aeon of Strife genre bar really high, so it may be a bit tough to beat. I also played Avalon Heroes from Alaplaya, but that game was a total disappointment, but Alaplaya redeemed themselves with Land of Chaos Online (Loco) which is also like DotA, but with a unique action MMORPG style twist.

It’s not too surprising that Avalon Heroes was a disappointment. The game was developed by WeMade – the company behind Digimon Battle and Mir 2.Avalon Heroes has a very old interface and lousy graphics as well as totally unbalanced gameplay. One of the most important aspects of a DotA like MMORPG is balance, which Aeria Games better not screw up. DotA has some 75+ playable heroes which took 5+ years to balance. Legendary Heroes is expected to launch with 60+, so there’s bound to be some serious balance issues. I know Lost Saga from OGPlanet also launched with a bunch of balance issues, but luckily those were hammered out. The game also launched with very few heroes and OGPlanet added new ones gradually, as they made sure each class was balanced.

It’s fascinating to see how fast the Aeon of Strife genre has grown. DotA has been popular for a while, but other game developers only began copying it recently. I believe Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends were the first “DotA Clones”, but there are many more on the way now. Games like Runes of Magic and Allods Online copied World of Warcraft, so it’s no surprise other companies are copying the success of DotA. What makes Legendary Heroes cool though is that its playable heroes won’t be from a generic fantasy setting. Instead, it’s characters will be a random cast from Dracula to Beowulf. Based on the game’s official trailer, Beowulf apparently uses a Chainsaw, which in my book is awesome.

Aside from Legendary Heroes though, there are a bunch of other awesome upcoming MMORPGs on the way. ChangYou announced Zentia, GamesCampus is launching Soul Master soon and Uforia will be releasing Camon Hero in the coming weeks. The free to play MMORPG universe is heating up for the Summer.


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