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Great MMORPGs on the Horizon

Posted on: July 12, 2010

It’s a great time to be an MMO gamer. Why you ask? Because there are a boat load of awesome upcoming MMORPGs. OutSpark announced a few weeks ago that their action MMORPG Divine Souls will be entering closed beta on July 14. Unlike Outspark’s other games, Divine Souls has cool realistic graphics and intense combat. Their other game’s are largely anime inspired, think Fiesta Online and Secret of the Solsitce. Outspark also should be releasing Erebus: Travia Reborn, soon. Outspark isn’t the only MMOPRG publisher with some good upcoming games. OGPlanet announced Zone 4: Fight District on July 9, which is a fast paced fighting MMO that looks a bit like Lost Saga. Netmarble will be releasing Uncharted Waters online and GameHi is working on a cool kart racing MMO called Transpee. There are no set release dates on either of these games unfortunately, so I’m not going to talk too much about them.

The most exciting new MMORPG without a doubt is Vindictus from Nexon. Nexon actually announced a definitive release date for the game as well. It should be releasing sometime in fall, 2010. Those who want to try it out early can apply for the closed beta on the official Vindictus site though. I sort of hate closed betas, because characters get wiped. I’ll likely wait till open beta to jump into it. I think a lot of people are excited about Vindictus because it looks really different. The gameplay, especially its combat system, is supposed to be much different than traditional MMOs. It’s all action oriented and involves skill. MMORPG Players will actually need to aim attacks and dodge enemies. Nexon is also an incredibly high quality developer, so my expectations are high. I really enjoyed both MapleStory and Mabinogi, so I’m sure Vindictus will be fun. Another reason I’m excited about Vindictus is because Nexon isn’t known for “bloody” games. Vindictus will be reated M for mature, so I’m curious if Nexon call pull it off.

Obviously Vindictus is the most anticipated free to play game, but there are a bunch of other titles coming out soon that I look forward to trying. Games like Luvinia Online from Outspark and MKZ Online from GamersFirst. I want to try MKZ mostly because it’s an FPS game and I’m a total sucker for MMOFPS games for some reason. I don’t know why, but I find myself playing these kinds of games all the time.

I look forward to playing Vindictus the most. But MKZ Online looks neat too. I guess I’ll be able to play them eventually!

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