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New MMORPGs in July

Posted on: July 24, 2010

The last few weeks of July have been pleasantly surprising for the free to play MMO / MMORPG scene. Valve released the free to play top-down shoot-em-up Alien Swarm, which is incredibly fun. It’s a completely free to play game that anyone can download and play right on steam. It plays a lot like Left 4 Dead, except with top down camera angle. It’s actually different than more traditional MMO shooters like Operation 7 from Netgame and Wolfteam from Softnyx, as its not first person and it’s a co-op game rather than a competitive one against other players. If you’re a fan of Valve’s work, there’s no reason not to give Alien Swarm a try. It was released in late July 2010, making it a new game.

Soul Master from GamesCampus is another really impressive new MMORPG released in Late July. Well not technically “Released” as the game’s closed beta began in late July, not the full release. Soul Master is a unique 3D anime inspired action MMORPG with strategy elements. Sounds pretty interesting, right? It’s actually a mix of GhostX from GameKiss, Pikmin on the GameCube and Age of Empires on the PC. Like Lunia, progression in Soul Master is completely linear. Players must complete a stage before being able to advance to a new one. Each stage can be played numerous times on different difficult settings, just like in Dragonica Online. Where the game really shines is its innovation though. No other game mixes action MMORPG gameplay with Pikmin like strategy. The game’s pvp is certain to be interesting with its original combat system.

Two other awesome upcoming MMORPGs which released their closed betas in late July are Zentia from ChangYou and King of Kings 3 from Gamigo. Legend of Edda from GamesCampus look awesome to. Wow, there are a lot of upcoming MMORPGs! Zentia is made by ChangYou who also makes Dragon Oath and Blade Wars while Legend of Edda is made by GamesCampus. They are the company behind Asda Story, MLB Dugout Heroes and a few other free to play games. Zentia is currently in closed beta as is King of Kings 3. These games should enter open beta within a month or two at most. Lets hope GamesCampus doesn’t pull a Camon Hero and delay indefinitely, as seeing a good game get delayed / cancelled is the worst feeling in the world. Well, one of the worst.

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