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Facebook games vs Browser Games

Posted on: July 28, 2010

Which free to play games are better? Facebook Games or Browser Games? I never really gotten into the whole “social game” / “Facebook game” scene, but I do know a lot of people who are hooked. I have friends and family that play Farmville and Mafia Wars from companies like Zynga and Playdom, but I never found these games to be fun. The thing I’ve noticed though is that these “casual social games” are surprisingly addictive. Just as addictive as any client based MMORPG or hardcore MMORPG like Dungeons and Dragons Online. Most of my friends that do play these social games play either Farmville or Frontierville, which are for some odd reason incredibly popular.

Which genre is better? Well, both are extremely convenient and accessible. You can play strategy MMORPGs like Evony and Caesary for 10 minutes here and there, and you’re good to go. You can do the same for games like Cafe World and Fishville. The beauty of these games is that they can be played in short 10 minute bursts. Traditional client based MMORPGs on the other hand cannot. Games like 4Story and Atlantica Online for example are usually played in bursts of 3+ hours at a time. More casual gamers can play for an hour here and there, but that’s usually the minimum – because just logging in and getting to a hunting spot can take up to 15 minutes. MMOs like League of Legends and Avalon Heroes are even worse, because you cannot play these games for 10 minutes here and there, because the average game takes upwards of 35 minutes at a time. Some games can take over an hour.

Facebook games on the other hand appeal to a much broader audience, because they can be played in very short bursts. Browser games have the same appeal as I mentioned before – at least for the most part. Actual MMORPGs like RuneScape from Jagex and FusionFall from Cartoony Network cannot be played in short bursts, as these kinds of games play more like actual client based MMORPGs than anything else. Whats surprising is that there aren’t any popular social games on facebook that play like actual client based MMORPGs. Just about every facebook game is designed to be played in short intervals. If say, the browser game Earth Eternal were ported over to Facebook, It could do very well.

Anyway. Which kinds of games do you prefer? Browser based games or facebook games? And which kinds of games? Personally, I’m sick of all the strategy games on browsers, so I play actual MMORPGs on it like Earth Eternal and RuneScape.

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