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Posted on: August 9, 2010

A lot of MMORPGs and MMO games have seen delays lately. I remember Aeronauts was available on the GamenGame portal like a year ago, but it disappeared and hasn’t been available since. Altis Gates – the turn based MMORPG from IGG, has been delayed three times already and the latest one being “indefinitely”. As a fan of turn based games, I was looking forward to Altis Gates. Legends of Qin from Gamigo has also been delayed several times now. Priston Tale 2 from Suba Games has been “Coming soon” for OVER a year now. The game is available to play on the European server over at GamerKraft, but the North American version seems to be on hold forever for some odd reason. These delays suck.

Unfortunately, MMORPG delays are normal in the industry. Usually when a game gets delayed three or four times, it means the game is never going to come out. Just look at Huxley: The Dystopia from ijji. The game has been delayed like 8 times now and it’s showing no sign of ever being released. Blackshot and Dance Groove Online from Outspark are on the same boat. Both games are now removed from the Outspark homepage, which basically means both games are dead. OutSpark actually has a pretty bad reputation with their upcoming games. They just never seem to actually release. One of their newer games – Erebus Travia Reborn ended its closed beta on April 25, 2010. It is now August 8, 2010 and not one new update from Outspark. I think it’s safe to say that Erebus is also a dead MMORPG.

It seems like major game developers like Perfect World Entertainment and Nexon have been a bit more “on the ball” with release dates. Perfect World and Jade Dynasty from Perfect World Entertainment both released in a timely fashion. I know Battle of the Immortals was delayed once for a shirt while. Forsaken World is on schedule to release soon. Though from what I’m seeing, Kung Foo! Is sort of meandering. I’ll be surprised to see it actually release. Nexon has been pretty good with their release dates too. Vindictus is beginning its closed beta testing phase soon. Dungeon Fighter Online and Combat Arms both released on time. It seems like the more obscure companies are the ones having trouble meeting their release goals.

Does anyone still think Huxley is actually going to release? How Final Quest or Dreamland Online?

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