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Posted on: August 26, 2010

I’ve always been a fan of fighting games. I remember playing Tekken games in the arcades back in the day and more recently I remember playing rounds of Soul Caliber 2 on my gamecube with buddies hours on end. Luckily for me there are a boat load of free to play fighting MMOs out there. One of the oldest ones being Rumble Fighter. Another being Splash Fighters. One of my favorite fighting MMOs though is Lost Saga from OG Planet because of its incredible variety. The game has a lot of characters to choose from. They also each level up in a persistent world, so you can actually advance the characters you want to play and switch them around if ever get bored.

Aside from Lost Saga though, there are a bunch of other fun fighting games. OG Planet recently released Zone 4: Fight District – which is a fun cage wrestling / fighting style fighting game. It’s much different than Lost Saga, but I think Lost Saga is a bit more fun. When I get bored of playing traditional MMORPGs like 4Story, Runes of Magic and Grand Chase – I like to mix things up and play some random MMOs. I actually play a lot of MMOs from sports MMOs like MLB Dugout Heroes and FIFA Online to MMOFPS games like CosmicBreak and Battlefield heroes.

But enough about that! This is supposed to be about fighting MMOs! GetAmped 2 is a neat little fighting MMO by CyberStep. Unfortunately the game shut down for nearly 6 months in early 2010, but the game is back into open beta finally. It’s cartoony and plays a bit like Splash Fighters, except with much more variety. Between Splash Fighters and Getamped 2 there’s no argument. GetAmped2 is much more fun. Some MMORPGs – mostly action brawler MMORPGs like Dungeon Fighter Online, Vindictus and Soul Master actually feel like fighting games, as the gameplay is action packed.

If you’re looking for a fun fighting MMO to check out – I would probably recommend Lost Saga over anything else. Fighting MMOs are always a good fun distraction when you’re bored of playing traditional MMORPGs or browser games. Personally, I like browser games like War of Legends, Grepolis and Deepolis – but I like to mix things up and play a bit of everything.

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