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Next Gen Browser Based MMOs

Posted on: September 29, 2010

Remember games like Evony, Caesary and Tribal Wars? Or how about Dark Orbit, SeaFight and Deepolis? These are six popular browser based MMORPGs of this generation. The next generation of browser based MMORPGs will mop the floor with these old games. Why you ask? Simple. Technology. Newer games like Nanovor Evolutions, Tiger Woods Online and Battlestar Galactica Online which are powered by the Unity Player have much better graphics and gameplay than older browser based games. The Unity engine allows real 3D graphics on the web browser – which looks awesome. And when I say 3D, I mean actual good looking 3D – not blocky 3D like Roblox and RuneScape.

Even on the strategy MMO front, games like Evony are in trouble. WarStory from BigPoint is a new strategy themed browser MMO with much crisper graphics and more in depth gameplay. WarStory is being powered by Microsoft Silverlight, not Unity though. BigPoint has had a lot of success with their older MMORPGs, but even they are embracing new technologies. Battlestar Galactica Online will be powered by Unity. Games like Farmerma, War of Legends and Xblaster will still be around, but the next wave of games will feature rich 3D graphics.

I suspect that new browser MMORPGs will be equal in terms of graphics quality with current-gen client based MMORPGs. There’s no reason that older popular MMORPGs like MapleStory and even Runes of Magic can’t run through Unity or on the web browser. I think client based games will eventually be extinct. Everything will be streaming through the internet – sort of how Second Life actually streams player made content on the fly. Somewhere someplace there will be a datacenter of PCs doing all the heavy lifting for generating good graphics and cpu power. The results will be transmitted through the net on end-user monitors. This way, all the CPU and GPU computing is outsourced to a datacenter, where it can be done more efficiently. This would make browser based MMOs and client based games equal on graphics.  This is probably many years away though, but browser based games will continue to get better and better.

I think PoisonVille, Neverland Online, Pirate Galaxy and even World of Cars is testament that newer browser based games look great and will only continue to get better. Client based games are of course improving too. I mean just look at Vindictus and EverQuest 2 – these games are absolutely stunning. The only thing is, I hope MMORPG music quality also  continues to improve. I don’t think I’ve ever played a browser MMO with good music quality. MMO music is definitely important too. At least graphics will only continue to improve

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